Top 10 Crossover SUVs Ranked Worst to Best

Crossovers have quickly become the vehicle to own and with 2019’s lineup of crossovers, they’ve become even more popular. If you are in the market for a crossover or just want to see what is out there, check out our list of crossovers from worst to best:

2019 mitsubishi outlander

10. Mitsubishi Outlander

Starting price: $24,695
MPG: 25 city/30 hwy
Seating capacity: 5-7
The 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the most affordable crossover SUVs that offers third-row seating to bump passenger capacity up to seven. Where the 2019 Outlander falls behind the competition is a lack of cargo space, lower performing engine options, and a lower quality interior. While the affordable third-row option is appealing if you need the extra seating capacity, there are better crossovers that offer a great deal more for a fair price if you can do away with the third row.
2019 honda hr v

9. Honda HR-V

Starting price: $20,620
MPG: 28 city / 34 hwy
Seating capacity: 5
The 2019 Honda HR-V features an updated exterior design, new Sport and Touring Trims, and a revamped touchscreen. Along with some design upgrades, the 2019 HR-V stands out for having one of the largest cargo volumes in its class, a roomy back seat and high-quality interior options.
2019 jeep cherokee

8. Jeep Cherokee

Starting price: $25,045
MPG: 22 city / 31 hwy
Seating capacity: 5
New for the 2019 Jeep Cherokee is an optional 2.0-liter engine as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay coming standard on all models. While the Cherokee is known for its off-roading capabilities, the 2019 Cherokee isn’t an ideal option for anyone looking for an everyday crossover. The higher price tag, low fuel economy, and limited cargo capacity places the 2019 Cherokee near the bottom of this list.
2019 gmc terrain

7. GMC Terrain

Starting price: $25,000
MPG: 26 city / 30 hwy
Seating capacity: 5
The 2019 GMC Terrain comes equipped with a variety of standard safety features and offers a comfortable, premium cabin. While the quiet ride, comfortable interior, and an array of standard features might catch your attention, the 2019 Terrain remains at the bottom half of our list due to its higher price, lack of cargo room, and slow-to-start engine.
2019 Nissan Murano

6. Nissan Murano

Starting price: $31,370
MPG: 20 city / 28 hwy
Seating capacity: 5
The Nissan Murano features several upgrades for 2019 which include standard rear-seat and driver drowsiness monitoring systems, an updated navigation system, updated interior and exterior designs, as well as more available safety features. While the 2019 Murano may not pack as much power as some of the other crossovers higher on this list, it is an affordable two-row that offers comfortable cabin, a wide range of standard and available features as well as innovative technology.
2019 ford escape

5. Ford Escape

Starting price: $24,105
MPG: 21 city / 29 hwy
Seating capacity: 5
The 2019 Ford Escape is a great option for anyone looking for a sportier compact crossover that features exceptional handling and an exciting drive. It also features an above-average cargo capacity and powerful engine options. Where the 2019 Escape lacks is in its available standard features, less modern interior, and lower safety score.
2019 kia sorento

4. Kia Sorento

Starting price: $26,290
MPG: 22 city / 29 hwy
Seating capacity: 7
The 2019 Kia Sorento offers a lot of great features that make this crossover desirable. Not only is it affordable, but its interior is top grade and comfortable, several driver assist features are available, and the gas mileage is great. Also, if you are needing that extra third row for maximum seating, the Sorento has you covered.
2019 toyota highlander

3. Toyota Highlander

Starting price: $31, 830
MPG: 20 city / 24 hwy
Seating capacity: 7-8
If you are looking for a reliable crossover that will keep you on the road and out of the shop, the Toyota Highlander is known for its excellent reliability scores. The 2019 Highlander features comfortable first- and second-row seating, a wide range of standard safety features, and an optional V6 engine for extra power. Where the Highlander lacks is in its third-row seating and cargo space. The third-row seat is cramped and there isn’t much room for cargo.
2019 toyota rav4

2. Toyota RAV4

Starting price: $25,650
MPG: 26 city / 35 hwy
Seating capacity: 5
For 2019, the Toyota RAV4 has been completely redesigned and features a suite of driver assist features, ample cargo space, and a comfortable ride. While the 2019 RAV4 may not have the most powerful engine in its class, it does pack a powerful punch with 203 horsepower.
2019 nissan rogue

1. Nissan Rogue

Starting price: $25,965
MPG: 27 city / 34 hwy
Seating capacity: 5
The Nissan Rogue is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a crossover that offers great fuel efficiency, a spacious interior, and a smooth ride. For 2019, the Nissan Rogue comes equipped with more standard driver assist features, which include Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane-departure Warning, and Rear Door Alert. For a roomy ride and a comfortable interior design, you can beat what the Nissan Rogue has to offer. Also available are a hybrid model and optional all-wheel drive. For a crossover SUV that gives you more for less, the 2019 Nissan Rogue is an excellent option that won’t disappoint you.
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