Nissan Murano vs. Nissan Rogue: Which Crossover SUV Should You Buy?

Right now, Nissan offers two of the most popular crossover SUVs on the market — the Murano and the Rogue. The Rogue is the smaller, more affordable option, while the Murano takes it to the next level with luxurious features and upgraded technology. Based on your budget and preferences, one may be the better overall fit.

So how do you decide between the Murano and Rogue? For starters, you can read on for more information on each and see how they compare in important aspects like price and standard safety features. 

Nissan Rogue vs Nissan Murano: Size and Storage

One of the key distinctions between the Murano and Rogue is size.

The Murano is the Rogue’s big brother, sporting a longer (by about 8”) and wider (by about 3”) body. It fits into the mid-size SUV class, whereas the Rogue is considered small for an SUV. 

With that said, the Rogue actually boasts more cargo space than the Murano. The smaller crossover offers a spacious cabin with 70 cubic feet of capacity, while the Murano only offers 67. It’s a minor difference, but something to consider for prospective buyers with families or who like to pack heavy for a weekend outdoors.

Nissan Rogue vs Nissan Murano: Engine/Performance

If you want your next ride to pack a punch, then the Murano may be for you. Featuring a 3.5L V6 engine that brings 260 horsepower to the party, it certainly isn’t going to disappoint when you put your foot to the peddle.

Compare that to the Rogue’s 2.5L four-cylinder engine that produces 170 horsepower. There isn’t as much giddyup in Nissan’s smaller crossover, which could be a deal-breaker for some drivers. Then again, the dip in horsepower also means a boost in fuel efficiency — the Rogue gets 29 mpg combined, which is preferable to the Murano’s 23 mpg combined.

Nissan Rogue vs Nissan Murano: Interior Features

As you can with most of Nissan’s current offerings, adding extra features and luxuries to the cabin is easy. If we’re just looking at the standard interior package though, the Murano and Rogue aren’t far apart. Both provide passengers with cloth upholstery and a modern design, although the Murano does enhance the look with a faux-wood trim to give that added sense of style.

In terms of technology, Murano has the edge. While both infotainment systems offer similar features like AppleCar and AndroidAuto integration, Bluetooth connectivity and Nissan’s Advanced Drive-Assist® display, the Murano comes equipped with a larger screen, a more modern layout, and two extra speakers.

The safety features between the Murano and Rogue are comparable, with technology like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking and Intelligent Driver Alertness coming standard in both. It is worth noting that the Rogue does offer a couple additional standard safety features such as blind-spot warning and lane-keep assist, which are optional on the base Murano model.

Nissan Rogue vs Nissan Murano: Price

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to price. On one hand, the Rogue is the easy choice if you’re simply looking for the cheaper option — the Rogue starts at $25,490 MSRP, whereas the Murano starts at $31,730 MSRP. That’s more than $6,000 for the larger of the two crossovers.

With that said, the Murano’s price tag is more competitive among mid-size SUVs, while the Rogue’s price is middle-of-the-road among smaller SUVs. Price is obviously an important factor when buying your next vehicle, but you certainly get your money’s worth with the Murano.

The Verdict

No matter which direction you choose to go in, you’re getting one of the best Nissan SUVs available. However, if you’re looking for a larger SUV with more technology, added power and an extra touch of luxury, the Murano is the way to go. If your focus is on keeping your monthly payments and stops at the gas station to a minimum while still getting your hands on all of the goodies Nissan offers standard, the Rogue would be the safe bet.